About The Author

Dr. Eve Taylor

Let me start by saying that all of us are in search of our identity. As a child of God, we want to identify with Christ Jesus. We know that we cannot serve two masters. When we do not fully understand why we become who we are, we live, thrive, and search to uncover our authentic selves. Dr. Eve Taylor was born searching for her identity as an African American with black parents for whom she had the utmost respect and gratitude. Her deceased parents, late Rev. Malcolm Edwards and Mrs. Equilla Speights Edwards, were incredible characters.

Dr. Eve Taylor juggles many roles in her daily life; She is A Chaplain, Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, and a Caregiver with an empathetic heart for everyone. She is a compassionate leader and an Organizational Strategic Leadership Consultant, Author, and a retired experienced number one radio Producer/Host of the number one Discover Why Veterans Radio Talk Forum that broadcast live every Monday on Radio One WYCB 1340. AM…

Dr. Eve Taylor, President of Discover Your Why Leadership Ministries, Inc., is a 501 c3 non-profit organization. She is an advocate for all veterans. She uses her voice as an executive producer/host of her Discover Your Why Veterans Radio Talk Forum reaching thousands of listeners every week. She has inspired and encouraged all veterans that their “Why Was Their Purpose to Serve Their Country and to be honored for their services.” She is a certified caregiver with the experience to prove her loyalty to support other caregivers.

Dr. Eve has gained the admiration of leaders from around the world on her radio program. She has interviewed Four-Star Generals, Brigadier Generals, and every rank in the military during her six-years on the radio program. She interviewed a host of retired community leaders who make a difference in veterans’ lives, such as AARP, Easter seal, The Elizabeth Dole Foundation, and so many more.

Her character’s strength has made her the VIP guest at a reception hosted by Assisted Commandant Glen Walters of the Marine Corp and his wife. The honoree was Under Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly and his wife. She has been honored to interview Gold Star President Janice Chance. She has also been invited to speak for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project by retired US Army Col Karen Lloyd. Recently Dr. Eve was interviewed by Comcast for her work hosting a veterans Caregivers conference.

Dr. Eve’s numerous achievements have made her a global leader with an exceptional and compassionate spirit to help everyone in need.