The Torn Fabric of America The Racial Divide Black and White

This book is a very well-informed and raw insight into the slavery of black people. It begins with a detailed history of slavery and its forerunners, it takes us to the very beginning and how the notions of black people and a lower race were associated and ultimately established through years of brainwash. The book deals with the root causes and effects of slavery, diving into the categories of enslavement that was carried out from the very starting of it in 1916 when the first Africans reached the colony that the whites were struggling to establish. A comprehensive and analytical perspective is provided by the author as he explores the reasons for slavery both in the context of how the black community looked, their skin color, the notion of white supremacy, socio-economic structures, and most importantly the constitutions that were presented time and time again, containing laws and acts that severely discredited the Black community like the backdrop of the writing of the Emancipation Proclamation, an order issued by President Lincoln in 1862 to free the slaves effective January 1, 1863. Then we had June tenth, 1868, the Civil Rights, The Bill of Rights, The Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and all the determinates of writings to protect and defend that continues to present.

A comparison between slavery in the past and the current day other modes of slavery is a running theme in the book, with an exploration of institutions and groups that were anti-black and how current-day racist groups are causing damage to the fabric of America and its call for equal rights for all. There is also an in-detail description of all the people who can be credited with the eventual abolishment of traditional forms of slavery and those struggling to fight the concept and widely infested, modern-day slavery in America.

Why Read It?

The Torn Fabric of America The Racial Divide Black and White

This book is for generations to come. A book that opens up our eyes to the unfairness that infests even our daily lives with caution and delicacy so that the message is driven to its point; i.e. the reader. There is no aspect of the dynamics surrounding the black community and their despair throughout history that the book has missed or has failed to address. It will present the reader with a holistic point of view that Is usually absent in other books that stick to a single cause or effect of black slavery and its history.

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