It might be a rare sight for us to see a child hardly 12 or 13, slaving away in the sun or cold, working long hours and for that reason, we believe that it’s not our problem if we don’t see or if it doesn’t occur where we live. The truth however is that it is the reality of many young lives and in many ways, it is directly connected to us and touches our lives, in the products we use and, in the types of equipment, we enjoy, in even the toys our children play.

The chocolate industry and several of the companies that operate under its wing derive cocoa from the hard labor of children similarly many of the makeup company uses MICA which is a very essential part of the makeup’s glitter effect and a large part of that MICA is imported from very hazardous caves that children as young as 6 years old mine in India. While India itself exports all this MICA, top brands such as Sephora and the likes of it use this MICA despite knowing the child labor that is involved in its extraction. An estimated at least 6 children die every month in the MICA extraction as the caves are small and cave in at any given moment.

The need to understand the exploitation that we as the users of these brands are contributing and how we are making it possible for millions of children to be robbed of their youth and dreams in third world countries. The feel of this loss can only be felt if we put our children in the same situation and empathize with the conditions and circumstances that force the people less privileged than us to make the choices.

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